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The way nearly all panel animations on Homestuck, and probably 100% of the prior animations on MSPA were made was by using Photoshop CS3's frame animation menu. This means every frame was manually positioned and made by moving layers around, animating their opacity, visibility and effects. Versions of photoshop from CS2 onward should still be .... 79K subscribers in the homestuck community. A subreddit for Homestuck and the works of Andrew Hussie. The largest, most active Homestuck community. :thumb465833580: hello there! welcome to homestuckspritebases. use any base you'd like!! :^D PLEASE PLEASE credit me and andrew hussie (as he made the original image)! if you use the base for fun, or in a collection/sprite sheet, try and link this account or the deviation and the huss somewhere in the description! that would make me a very happy camper. also, i LOVE getting link-backs, i save .... Witch of Light. dollmaker is objectively pretty good, although personally i dont like it because i like my designs to have completely unique hair spikes/outfits - i've made/assembled a base myself but you still have to draw everything over it, a mix of those two things + just heavily referencing the preexisting sprites (googling "x homestuck ....

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MS PAINT ADVENTURE: Wear your love of the hit webcomic Homestuck with this collectible character sprite pin! FUN DESIGN: Collectible pin depicts Dave Strider from the webcomic Homestuck. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: 2-inch tall pin is made of zinc alloy. OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Each Homestuck character pin comes packaged and pinned to their own .... Sprite Menu: Add character/object images by clicking on button of the sprite. Set background by clicking on BG button, or upload custom image file. To do: Canvas buttons: add functionality to export image option; Complete about/instructions popup. Sprite Menu: add more sprites for the other 100+ characters, backgrounds, and objects. T) (e quick brown fox jumps over t) (e lazy dog 38) . Rufioh Nitram. the qu1ck brown fox jumps over the lazy dog }:) . Mituna Captor. 7H3 QU1CK 8R0WN F0X JUMP5 0V3R 7H3 L4ZY D0G :) . Kankri Vantas. The quick 6r9wn f9x jumps 9ver the lazy d9g :) . Meulin Leijon. THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG :) .. Homestuck Land Generator. The Land of Sun and Storm is a shining place, populated by mischievous cobalt winged snakes. This land's color scheme includes crimson, dark red, and dark brown. It features beautiful forests and tiny oceans, and its denizen is Nike. ⚄︎ perchance. 👥︎ community (15h) 📚︎ tutorial.. Bonus Tier. Limited ( 0 remaining) $5. per month. Sold Out. Supporting Homestuck at $5 and above gives you access to BONUS UPDATES from the Homestuck: Beyond Canon team. Bonus. undo redo forward back flip flip delete clear export. Background Zoom: 100%. Add Text. Add Text. Homestuck Sprite! direct image link | download PNG | edit this image | share on r/pam. Description: I feel like this looks a bit weird. CREATOR ID: 9664c4. VIEWS: 2305. AGE: 5 years old. I’m usually always accepting rolling requests, but I’ve set some time aside in the near future for them rn. Just be sure to send either a reference photo/description for any request! Fantroll Talksprite request for @homebread-dogslice ! I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the submission reference..